Q-Vision is a unique, modular solution which aims to control costs associated with printing, copying and processing of documents in a modern office. Our system provides access control for printers, monitors the status of work and extends the functionality of devices with confidential/following feature as well as scanning defined by users.

What do we provide?

Why Q-vision?



Print management

kluczAccess to documents requires pre-authorization ? printed/scanned/faxed documents are not stuck on trays (which has place in traditional print) and can only be received by authorized users.


wykresQ-vision is a very flexible and fully integrated with enterprise processes tool. Personalized panels/terminals on each device provide easier access to printing, scanning, copying and faxing. All of the tasks can be completed by using one button so the employee productivity is increased.


kasaYou can reduce the number of printed pages and increase the efficiency of document processing as well as reduce the cost of office maintenance up to 30%. With precise reports it is possible to optimize document production environment.


ekoQ-Vision prevents users from printing unnecessary documents ? tasks can be transferred to a more optimal device and effectively control the waste of paper and energy.

Cost control is one of the most important issue facing modern companies. In a competitive market it becomes more difficult to increase sales on daily basis and profit can be achieved by imposing discipline on operating cost. Many companies do not realize how much of their expenses are office related ? copying and printing. Due to lack of proper tools enterprises do not analyze in which departments, divisions, or whether individual employees creating cost. Q-Vision can be such tool dedicated to controlling cost and monitoring status of document creation. Q-vision greatly enhances the user experience by providing advanced print and scan functions. All information about tasks performed in the system is stored on the server so you can analyze in detail the environment, etc. Based on collected data reports and statistics about users departments and projects business rules can be defined (for working with documents in order to make optimum use of printers and MFPs).

Advanced Features

Access and authorisation

  • control of non-authorised printing defined by terminal
  • authentication using various applications i.e. access control card, mobile device, PIN number, log in etc.
  • easy administration of users or sections based on company structure
  • immediate view on who is printing, which documents are printed or which devices are in use
  • easy administration of user access and different printing methods

Monitoring and reports

  • detailed monitoring for printing, copying and scanning tasks
  • standard reports with informations about users, sections and projects
  • advanced reports defined by specific needs and requirements
  • email or folder storing option
  • reports according to the common standards (html, xls, xml, csv, PDF)
  • safe printing thanks with ?follow feature? that allows users to choose the printer
  • queue prioritization that allows sharing printed documents between departments or employees at various levels in the organizational hierarchy
  • managing print jobs via an interface based on the network or directly on the device (delete, add to favorites)
  • printing ?rule system? with cost effective support by choosing the most economical devices to prevent wasting paper and toner

Scanning management

  • automatic scan to email or folder
  • defining scanning processes by using metadata
  • ability to create complex workflows tailored to business processes such as OCR and archiving

IT software integration

  • centralised printing and monitoring administration in whole company based on network linked with catalogs
  • automated settings distribution to all sections
  • optimised network operations
  • constant access to printing solutions in different section even if the server is down